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Our clients

Who do we work with?

A shared intelligence! We work with clients of many sizes that come from different economic, cultural and social worlds. We enjoy a privileged relationship with each of them based on dialogue, creation, transmission and the quality of the experiences we live through together.

Large international groups

Small, mid-sized and intermediate-sized companies, innovative start-ups

Public and cultural institutions

What they say about us

« To inaugurate the Cité Internationale du Design, it seemed essential to us to start at the beginning: What is design? We asked Sismo to curate the exhibition since they have the unique quality of having worked with tools for many years that help make people aware of and comprehend design. »

Elsa Francès was the director of the Cité du Design

« The Sismo designers, as industrial innovators, gave themselves the task of improving everyday life. They are stubborn and like the idea of innovation that appears via “little nothings”. And this is already alot. For them, design must serve ordinary life and everyday gestures. It must be explored with a fresh eye to actually make improvements. (…) They have stood up for this approach since their beginnings and today their work seduces consumers while at the same time remaining affordable. »

Anne-Marie Fèvre, Libération

« Creative and innovative! Because the Sismo designers are not like those “design artists” featured in magazines that brands adore, enlisting them to create a product that will “give them a lift” but ultimately buying the designer's ego as well. Instead Sismo takes a path that is more arid and less sexy but still passionate: they commit themselves to a creative, innovative process with their clients and are able to “reconcile creation and industry”. »

Sophie Peters, Les Echos

« As curators of the “Invention/Design. Crossed views” exhibition at the Musée des Arts et Metiers in Paris, the founders of Sismo studio offer us a passionate, unprecedented promenade. In an unusual design event where we only see a single chair (…), inventions from the 17th to 19th centuries are juxtaposed with the work of contemporary designers. There's enough material to question, in our era of 3-D printers and shared knowledge, the capacity for innovation of these new entities. (…) “By bringing these two universes closer together, we wanted to explain what our profession is: it's not only about 'dressing up' an object, but about giving shape to intelligence.” »

Véronique Lorelle, Le Monde

« This concern for an extended mastery of procedures is found today in the multidisciplinary approach of Sismo. The 15 Sismo designers have all done career studies in 2 different fields (political science, architecture, engineering…). “We are the only ones to work in economic, cultural and social fleids at the same time”, confirms Antoine Fenoglio. In “Sismology”, anything can be designed: an everyday object, a political project, a contract protocole, a commercial relationship. (…) A very formalized approach for which Sismo has developed a selection of tools that are recognized today such as the “magic square”: a design map that allows the different players involved in a project to set a goal, identify obstacles, spot the path taken by the competition and define a step-by-step itinerary. “Some of our clients prefer to speak of innovation, co-creation, even participative incubation rather than design thinking. It doesn't matter”, insists Frédéric Lecourt. »

Muriel Jaouen, Stratégies

« They're not smug and are very reactive and straightforward. They honor their delivery dates and commitments. For a company like ours that's not used to calling upon creative companies to help us, they were extremely accessible. »

Anne Bellanger, Directrice, les Cafés Richard

A recognized experience for 20 years:

  • for our creations : numerous design prizes ;
  • for our convictions : over 200 press articles ;
  • for our expertise : “tax credits for innovation” and “training” certifications ;
  • for our commitments : two “chevaliers des arts & lettres”.