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Equipe Sismo autour d'une table de travail

Our expertise

Improve how visitors are welcomed at a post offce, stimulate and develop innovation, over time, within a major group, reconstruct the positioning and identity of a cultural establishment, prototype hotels, inspire new culinary habits for a heritage brand, create and conceive an exhibition for a national museum, etc.: these many challenges go well beyond the questions typically undertaken by designers in the context of industrial manufacturing.

Fortified by 20 years of experience in the extremely demanding industrial design field, we have developed a creative, collaborative approach, methodologically rigorous tools, a comprehension of uses, societal needs and major contemporary challenges plus a knowledge of the entire value chain. Today our expertise allows us to efficiently resolve your problems while keeping an open dialogue and the creative experience at the center of our concerns.

Design experience is the focal point for our vast expertise and references.


Design thinking "à la française"

Traditionally specialized in industrial design, we transpose our collaborative work methods and creative procedures to help give form to the collective intelligence of economic, cultural or social organizations.

Collaborative, repetitive, non-linear: we free up inventivity in all areas by encouraging dialogues between the different departments within an organization.

We make sure their strategies will succeed by overseeing projects that have been concretized by design.

  • Enrichment of technical specifications;
  • The study of new physical and digital uses;
  • Creative audits of business models and organizational set-ups;
  • Vehiculing of strategic reflections and identifying opportunities;
  • The conception and hosting of innovation centers and incubators;
  • Conception of and accompaniment for innovation forums and contests;
  • Trainings, creative workshops, mentoring.


Products, services, architecture, digital

We create innovative experiences by transforming economic, operational and regulatory restrictions into opportunities.

For us, in an era of the “economy of experience”, our top priority is that the time experienced itself has quality and that the design of products, services, spaces and organizations evolve together and nurture each person’s, client’s or collaborator’s quality of this experience.

“I don’t want to be anywhere else,
I don’t want to be with anyone else,

I don’t want to do anything else,

And I will remember that.”

Using this simple but demanding definition of experience, we accompany our clients in a creative reflection on the uses, aesthetics and conceptions of tomorrow.


Prototyping, production

This is how we guarantee the feasibility of the projects we make: we commit ourselves to making clients’ prototypes and even producing them, if necessary. Like makers, this lets us quickly test, “in reality”, the solutions we have proposed and find ways to improve them with users.

Our knowledge of 3-D technologies and our skills in conceiving molds, assembling or logistics allow us to accompany clients in making quick prototypes for all types of solutions. We are also able to produce the projects they entrust to us in small or large series while taking into account any feasibility restrictions.

And finally we have worked, for our clients, on projects as diverse as producing industrial glassware or doing prototypes … of cars or hotels!