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in the late 90s,

during the period of design’s evolution that they both anticipated and accompanied, the Sismo designers have developed unequalled methods that will help bring your key projects to life.

In one century, design has passed from "having" to "being".

The prerequisite:

encourage dialogue within your environment.


100% images, 100% Sismo

  • the magic square,
  • the creative matrix,
  • the critical scan,
  • the map of players
  • the cycle of uses,
  • etc.
Know how to express choices that go beyond simply saying "I like" or "I don't like".


the best team

Identify and integrate the right people so a project will succeed:

  • key players in your company,
  • super-users in the field,
  • our experts at Sismo.
What could be more efficient than creating the ideal context for collective intelligence?

Ask yourself

the right questions

  • understand your culture of innovation, your market and your organization,
  • put the user at the center of your concerns,
  • enrich the theme and be precise about the necessary technical specifications.
What's important is to question yourself on the right way to cross a river rather than keeping your head focused on the paper as you draw a pretty bridge.


the best innovative scenarios

  • rank creative strategies,
  • anticipate feasibility, organization, required investments, deadlines,
  • define the criteria for making decisions.
To create a successful project, delay picking up your pencil as long as possible and focus first on all the restrictions.


your super-users without waiting any longer

  • get feedback on previous experiences,
  • do interviews and make observations in the field,
  • do a creative critique of potential scenarios,
  • integrate experts.
Each one expects that the proposed solutions will improve their everyday experience and is even willing to help you.


solutions rapidly thanks to contemporary tools.

  • share the first aesthetic, functional and technical approaches,
  • enrich uses “for real” in repetitive, multi-modal ways using prototypes, heightened reality, scriptwriting, etc.
  • again solicit the experience and desires of users.
The ongoing confrontation with reality, instead of just taking advice or discussing concepts, is a guarantee that will result in concrete solutions.


the project selected while integrating all the restrictions.

Pass into conception mode by integrating all the parameters of the decisions made that are associated with aesthetics, uses, processes and the business model …

It is in the micro-details that we can recognize the quality of a project.


together on all supports that will help create the experience.

  • product, service, architecture,
  • physical or digital,
  • business model, organization,
  • communication, training, mediation.


Each time, share the same satisfaction of seeing a collaboration be concretized into an actual experience.

And even produce

for you

Our confirmed skills in conception, in mastering costs, sourcing, transfer of technology, logistics and in integrating all restrictions for feasibility allow us to accompany clients in the production of small or large-sized series of their physical or digital projects.

Make it happen!

An idea? A project?

At Sismo, we bring your ideas to life. Our attention to detail helps us strive to realize all your projects in a unique way.