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"I don't want to be anywhere else.
I don't want to be with anyone else
I don't want to do anything else.
And I'll remember that".

Antoine & Frédéric, designers and co-founders of Sismo

Inseparables accomplices and creative entrepreneurs

International experiences and double profiles. Designer + … engineer, sociologist, architect, economist, entrepreneur, philosopher. Each member of our talented, twenty-person team cultivates his or her capacities to associate creation, know-how and realism thanks to creative methodologies we use to resolve complex problems.

Coline, head of innovation


Martine, head of team spirit

Industrial design, Pivaut school

Martine pampers our clients and the team but we know she can cook a great wild boar if it's on the menu !

Marialya, head of Share Design

EDHEC Business School and cultural entrepreneur

Marialya can help you remix the museums in France and certainly those in Brazil!

Louis, head of Digital

Supcréa + ISEG

Louis can talk about wine and digital but still around a good bottle. In vino veritas

Our spirit: independence, optimism, persistence, pertinence and impertinence.

Aurélie, head of Strategic Design

Sciences Po Paris + Mastère Innovation et

Kneaded by creativity, Aurélie molds the clay and shapes innovation strategies.

Hugues, head of Product Design

BTS Product Design

Genki, Artistic Director


Genki’s claw? His sharp eye !

Clémence, design thinker

BTS Product Design ENSAAMA + Masters in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins

Clémence can explain to you how to be inspired by Anglo-Saxon design methods.

Olivier, designer

DSAA industrial design + Masters in Design strategies ENSAAMA

Olivier, an "all terrain" kind of guy, will guide you through the jungle of frugal innovations!

33 average age

Lucie, designer, scenographer

DNSEP Esad de Reims + CAP Pastry chef

Lucie can explain to you the way to master a creative recipe.

Loan, designer

Strate, industrial design - innovative products and uses

Loan can guide you to the best design addresses in Seoul.

Simon, architect and thinker

Architecte ENSA

Simon can help you design your home, whether in straw, wood or brick.

julien, business development

University Paris 8 + ISCPA Paris + Science Po, Aix

Bring Julien a crispy chocolate pastry and he’ll tell you everything about your logo!

Laura, design thinker

DSAA - master Design product and design strategy

Laura explores everything : China, design or even craft. She constantly seeks new ideas and makes them come to fruition.

We can welcome you in 2 very complementary work spaces : one in the center of France to put things in perspective, the other in the heart of Paris to stay on the cutting edge.

Clément, design thinker

INSA Lyon - Mastère Innovation Design, Strate

Committed and fascinated by nature, Clément takes inspiration from ecosystems. He adapts their collective intelligence to business world.

Maureen, community manager

Master "Cultural Intelligence and Innovation", Paris-Diderot University

Maureen writes incisive articles and delicate poems. She also organises beautiful events !

Lénaïc, designer UX

ENS Lyon, master Architecture of information

Lénaïc paints wonderful canvasses and handles the web with dexterity !

Clémence, office manager

In love with sewing, Clémence unties administration knots and forms precious ties with clients !

Jordan, design thinker


As a lover of music and events, Jordan loves offering you a good moment, no matter if is a party or a Hackathon.

Camille, design thinker

AUDENCIA Nantes + Mastère Innovation et Design, Strate

Camille can talk you about social innovation and takes humanitarian design to heart.

Joseph, designer UX


Captivated by the infinite Universe and the myriad possibilities of the digital world, Joseph multiplies ingenious ideas to make them palpable.

Marie, architect


Marie can cook exquisite pastries, the icing on the cake? Her fruitful sketches !

Manuel, architect


Manuel creates museum facilities in Colombia and makes structures to convert spaces in France.

Mathilde, design thinker


Constantly looking for innovations, Mathilde also loves dancing ! She creates the rhythms in teams !

Mathieu, designer UX


Passionated by Parkour, Mathieu nimbly steps over... The user experience's obstacles !


Melissa, business developer

Classed as a historic monument, doing a workshop at the Commanderie is truly an experience! It’s the ideal context for changing a point of view and asking ourselves essential questions.

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