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We are an independent, well-known design studio with an impressive 20-year legacy of creation and conception.

Economy, culture, society: we free up innovation (Think Design!), create the best solutions (Create Design!), make prototypes quickly (Make Design!) and share our commitments (Share Design!).

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Think design!

We practice a productive, thinking design with our clients that frees up creation and invention in all areas.

With our 100% image, 100% Sismo tools, our optimistic, realistic designers-organizers and our 2 highly unusual work sites dedicated to collaboration and repetition, no problem is insurmountable!

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Make design!

Thanks to our ability to make prototypes quickly, we assure tests and enrich creative solutions that we propose, from products to architecture, in passing by digital or physical services.

We even accompany certain clients by producing the projects they’ve entrusted us with for their small or large series while integrating all cost and feasibility restrictions.

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Create design!

By creating iconic designs of industrial or digital products, services or spaces and even by imagining trainings, business models or organizations that can eventually be attached to them, we bring to life new uses and contemporary lifestyles.

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CNP Assurances

CNP Assurances : comment humaniser la déclaration des sinistres?

CNP Assurances est un des...

Alto Café

Alto Café : all-terrain café

In 2004, Tom Wallis revolutionized...

Sèvres Cité de la céramique

Help us emphasize the contemporary quality of our skills!

We proposed this exhibition to Sèvres Cité de la céramique entitled “Mise en œuvre, le...

Casque ODS-1


Pure sound … and design

Taking the opposite approach from...

Chef et Sommelier

How to improve the wine glass?

The glass is to table...

Verres Pastis 51

Pastis 51

How to express conviviality for a popular brand?

The challenge: the Pernod Ricard...


Mac Allister

Structural packaging

Kingfisher is the largest European...

Croquis et maquettes de la gourde Eau de Paris

Eau de Paris

A water bottle for Parisians

The Sismo designers won the...

Monnaie de Paris

Design performance with a 3-D printer

For the Nuit de la Monnaie (Night of La Monnaie) and the institution’s 1150th...

Pièce unique réalisée pour l'exposition DESIGN / INVENTION, Regards croisés (Musée des arts et métiers, 2015)

Musée des Arts et Métiers


This one-off piece was realized...

Packshot pochettes transparentes
Logo Viquel


Can a patent be filed based solely on a design?

How to fight competition from...

papa sapiens

From contemporary grocery store to culinary design

Because our idea of design is that it has no borders, here’s our latest...

Monnaie de Paris

From design to assisting in industrial project management

As heir to over twelve...

La Poste Courrier

Mailbox of the future

Thanks to the recognized efficiency...

Cité du design


We were chosen as curators...

Mockup de différentes pages de l'interface

La Poste

Dialogue interface

To simplify and fluidify the...

Groupement des Mousquetaires

Accompanying innovation for almost 10 years!

We have been working with...

Groupe Accor

And if we prototyped hotels?

To change its point of view, Accor enlisted the Sismo designers. The project? Feed...


Cradle to cradle

For Tarkett, the Sismo team...


New culinary uses

To offer a solution to...


Invent the dwelling of tomorrow

The challenge: St. Gobain, the world’s leader in the habitat and construction markets, deploys...


New uses, new formats

Lesieur entrusted us with the task of evolving the uses and volumes of its...

La bouteille et le verre Ivresse de Sismo
Logo Sismo


The thrill of going from creation all the way to production.

Producing objects in small series...

Banc de lecture Greenage


How to make a new material more attractive?

The Céralin® range How to...

Tetra Pak

How to encourage recycling food cartons?

The public bench made for...

Cafés Richard

This is not a coffee cup but a tool.

Be more adapted to the...

Chocolaterie Monbana

And if we encouraged self-indulgence at coffee time?

We conceived these objects to...

Sous-main en cuir Lancel
Logo Lancel


What kind of gift item represents a luxury brand?

Define an axis for creation:...


Realistic prospectives: innovative design using a mastered technology

These different projects come from...

Peugeot PSP

Design to cost

Modernize the Peugeot brand’s classic grinder at the lowest price: designing the volume in a...

Lacie carte PCI détail poignée


What can design offer a product that has never actually been designed?

PC cards have never been...


Crepe maker & Plancha

In Breton, Krampouz means crepe!...

Logo Badoit


Festive glass

In 2012 Badoit asked us...



The Simu brand, part of the Somfy group, specializes and is known in the...


How to anticipate new culinary uses?

Our work with Revol (a...

L'Oréal Professionnel

A modular unit used internationally

Destined for hairdressers around the...

De Buyer

Mandoline Pro

After auditing all possible windows...

Champagne Charles Heidsieck

Special-event gift box

For a special vintage of...

Terrarium avec crâne et plantes

Mathieu Mercier

Design & Art

Through his work, artist Mathieu...